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The Florida Springs Passport is an interactive adventure Passport on the Florida Springs, showcasing 20 of the top Florida Springs for you to visit.   

Florida Springs Passport | King's Landing

 With pictures of the springs on the left-hand side and an interactive fill-out journal on the right-hand side, this Passport is often used as a bucket list, a memory keep-sake journal, a Florida Springs guide, and much more. We also added a bonus round, Spring Into Action, with 15 things to accomplish while you visit the Florida Springs. This bonus round includes things like "swim with a manatee", "watch a sunset", and other things for you to really go out and see the raw Florida and making memories to the fullest. While the EPIC pictures, the interactive journal and the bonus round seems like enough to make you want to get your hands on this Passport, we have taken it to the next level. 


1. Exclusive Discounts for Passport Holders

When you become a Florida Springs Passport Holder, you also get access to EXCLUSIVE Discounts and Offers to local Eco-Tour companies & Rental companies. We wanted to give our Passport Holders a way to EXPLORE the Florida Springs like never before. With the companies we have partnered with, you will be able to take a guided eco-tour through the beautiful raw Florida. The companies will go over fun facts about the springs, point out the animals that inhabit there, and much more. The best part, they have all the equipment there. No need to wonder how you are going to check out the springs if you don't own your own paddle craft or if you don't have the right sized vehicle to transport the paddle craft. Companies like Get Up And Go Kayaking give you the opportunity to explore the springs while being fully immersed in the 100% clear kayaks seeing everything above the water as well as below the water. Another exciting company we partnered with is Manatee Tour & Dive, this guided Eco-Tour gives you the opportunity to actually SWIM WITH THE MANATEES, you heard right! The ONLY place where you can LEGALLY swim with the manatees.

Here is a list below of the companies that offer EXCLUSIVE Discounts/Offers to the Florida Springs Passport HOLDERS

 We are also adding more and more Florida Spring companies to our list to make sure there is something for every Passport HOLDER.


2. Exclusive GIVEAWAYS for Passport Holders

  We have launched our Exclusive GIVEAWAYS to our Passport Holders. When you become a Florida Springs Passport HOLDER, you are now able to be a part of the GIVEAWAYS that we host on our social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram (make sure to follow us). We wanted to add another benefit to our Passport Holders and what is better than Exclusive GIVAWAYS!

Here are some fun GIVEAWAYS we have already done/plan to do in the future

  • FREE Manatee Tour & Dive Voucher
  • FREE Adopt-A-Manatee 
  • FREE Get Up And Go Voucher 
  • FREE Kayak Rental at Seven Sisters Kayaks


 We HIGHLY recommend following us on our social media accounts since that is where we typically announce our GIVEAWAYS!



3. Giving Back to the Florida Springs Community

  When you purchase a Florida Springs Passport or anything else in the Florida Springs Passport Line, a portion of the proceeds get donated to 1 of 3 non-profit charities that give back and protect the Florida Springs. These non-profit charities help maintain and restore our beautiful springs. One of our favorite non-profit charities is Save The Manatee Club, this non-profit helps our the West Indian Manatees. This is where we were also able to Adopt-A-Manatee, GATOR.

Here are the 3 Non-Profit Charities that we donate to, thanks to YOU!


If you are not a Florida Springs Passport HOLDER, and looking to get yours today, CLICK HERE 


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    I love this. Perfect birthday present for a good friend.
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