Florida Springs Passport

Florida Springs Passport

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Welcome to Your Florida Springs Passport 

→ Explore 20 of the top FLORIDA SPRINGS with your Florida Springs Adventure PASSPORT

→ Florida Springs Passport HOLDERS receive over $30 worth of EXCLUSIVE discounts and offers at local Eco-Tour companies located at the springs inside the Passport

The Florida Springs Passport is an interactive adventure booklet that will make your trips to the springs even more exciting and memorable. Each of the 20 locations has a picture of the spring on the left-hand side and an interactive sheet on the right-hand side. Once completed, you will earn a badge to celebrate your visit!

How your Florida Springs Passport works

Visit A Spring

Pack your bags and hit the road! But Before you do that, pick which spring you're going to visit. We have laid out 20 springs by region and also provided the addresses, phone numbers, and hours in the back of your passport.

Fill Out Your Book

Each spring in your passport has a page dedicated to your experience. Fill out the date, insert the number of springs you visited, rate it and even circle what activities you did while at that spring.

Claim Your Badge

Each spring has its own badge. After going to the springs, fill out your experience and then go to the sticker page in the middle of the book to claim your badge. Place your badge over the blue icon located on the picture of the springs to celebrate your visit.

- The Florida Springs Passport does not gain, in the sense of waiving a fee, you access to any Florida Spring

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