Depth Wish Freediving | PADI Certified

Depth Wish Freediving provides the highest quality PADI freediving instruction in the industry. When you take a class with Depth Wish you will learn how to equalize using the Frenzel method, a rarely taught type of deep water equalization. Additionally, Depth Wish teaches more than just the standard education; students will also leave with comprehensive dry training knowledge that they can apply to their everyday training in order to build their diving skills outside of the water.  All of our open water sessions are taught in the Florida springs, meaning that conditions are always perfect.  No current, no boat fees, and great visibility make the springs an ideal place to learn how to freedive safely and comfortably!


   ✔ Padi Level 1: Freediver

   ✔ Padi Level 2: Advance Freediver

   ✔ Padi Level 3: Master Freediver

   ✔ AIDA 2: Freediver

   ✔ AIDA 3: Advanced Freediver

   ✔ Private Training

   ✔ Book Here: Depth Wish Freediving


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